Rfe received have client letter no vendor letter

Hi everyone, I applied for a transfer of visa and got an rfe for client letter. I have 2 vendors in between and the contract started on August 2017 and will officially end by feb 2018. But my client told me it gona extend beyond and when I told them about my rfe they gave me a client letter stating my project go beyond 3 years. My issue is that my vendors are not giving me a letter since they don’t have a new contract in hand which is given by client. Can I submit rfe just with client letter . Kindly advise me

Can anyone give a comment on this as I am running short of time for my RFE

As per what you have mentioned, the RFE is requesting for Client letter, so you may submit the Client letter, as that is what has been asked by USCIS.

Yah thats true but my attorney was saying they need a vendor letter too.

This is the response for my RFE

updated Client and vendor letter with current date. If no client letter, we would need all the contractual documents between Orion and the end client redacting all the confidential information.

Hi umesh, its the same case with my friend. He got rfe for vendor letters and clent letters. vendor is not ready to give the letters. How did you follow up further?