RFE on post-completion OPT- will my OPT start date change??

I have a question regarding the RFE I received on my post-completion OPT. USICS received all the documents they requested on the 18th of Feb,2016. It’s mentioned on their website that it will take upto 60 days to make a decison on my RFE (upto 18th of April, 2016).
My OPT start date is 11th of JAn, 2016 and I have a period of unemployment of 90 days after that i.e. upto 11th of April, 2016. I already have a job offer but if I do not get my EAD before 11th of April, I will not be able to work in the USA.
My question is that will USCIS change the start date on my OPT as per when they make a decision?


I don’t think they will backdate it. You should call USCIS and request them to expedite the process as you have close to 45 day mark.