RFE on H1B extension and travelling with RFE response yet to be submitted

My H1B visa and I94 expired in Sep 2013 and extension was filed in August 2013. Received an RFE on 15th January and employer is working on submitting the RFE response.

Because of some urgent work I need to travel back to india on 31st January’2014. What would happen if I travel to India and employer submit the RFE response after I leave from US. Will there be any issue or denial because of my travel.

I know I need to go for stamping again if extension is approved but will there be any impact of decision for extension because of my travel ?? Also, what would be the situation (on decision ) if RFE response is submitted before I travel to india ?

Thansk and looking forward for your valuable response.

NO impact for travel if its a short term… Even if its long term and u have a valid reason, it must not be a problem. RFE has nothing to do with ur travel if u r going for stamping in India…

Thank you RaNa !
Actually my question is “If RFE is filed after I travel back to Inida, will there be any issue in processing my case from USCIS” ?

NO. RFE is asking u specific docs, which client/employer and U must provide… it has nothing to do

Thanks you RaNa!!