RFE notice received


My employer has filed H1B visa for FY2016, my application has been selected in lottery. I got receipt number too. Currently, I could see status as “Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed” in USCIS site. However, I havent received any mail asking additional evidences. I have contacted US immigration team , they responded with “Many RFEs require no input from employees. When the RFE is received and assigned, you will be notified if anything is necessary. No action is required from you at this time” . Its been one month status is showing same in USCIS site. I have no clue whats going on. How much time it will take to change the status or petition approval ? Thanks in advance.

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There could be multiple reasons for an RFE. As you were suggested by your employer’s immigration team, they may not need anything from you at this time. RFE’s have some time frame(60 days - 90days). The employer needs to reply back within this time frame. Don’t worry you will get to know the results once your employer sends over the requested documents to cis. Best of luck.

Thanks for your response. In USCIS site, under next steps it is showing as "We will review your response to our request and mail you our decision. ". Does it mean my employer has responded to RFE request? If so, when the status will change to “RFE response review” ? Thanks.