RFE - Maintenance of Status

I received RFE Maintenance of Status for my H1B extension.
My case-
I returned to US in Feb 2022 after 10 months as I was stuck in India due to travel restrictions.
I did a H1B cap exemption while in India, got my visa stamped and returned. My extension and amend was filed immediately after I re entered US, as my current visa was expiring in March 2022. And received RFE - Maintenance of Status.
Extension and amend was submitted with my existing LCA as there was no change in work address or any other details. But it had my old home address.
Now due to RFE, I am asked to submit some utility bills as proof to confirm my status in USA along with other required project documents.
My question here is, I have all address proof of my new home address(same zipcode as old address) which doesn’t match the home address in LCA. Will there be an issue if I submit utility bills of new address. Or should I have to request for new LCA with home address change and then submit RFE documents.(if that is even possible)
please guide.

If your new home is in the same MSA (metropolitan statistical area) which it seems like it is, based on same zip, you don’t need amendment to LCA or H1B.

Work closely with your employer’s immigration lawyer to provide the required documents for the RFE.