RFE in H1B transfer

URGENT HELP NEEDEDHi,I am employed with Company A. My current H1B visa has expired on June 30th 2018 and they have filled my extension. I received a RFE which has been replied back by Company A on July 19th. Meanwhile Company B started my H1B transfer(premium processing) after successful Client Interview. They filed the petition and Receipt No is generated. Now they got a RFE on transfer application for which company B is saying there should be an approved H1B extension to respond back to that RFE. I am not sure how much time would it take to have that approval, will the new company wait until then. Can they withdraw the application.

Looking forward for the advise.


Was the first extension filed under normal processing? Can you work with company A until your visa issue is resolved? If you can I would suggest you to work in company A until then.

You just need to wait for RFE response to be processed by USCIS. So you can look anywhere between 5-15 calendar days from July 19th.

So, once that RFE is processed you can tell company B to start RFE process it will be again 5-15 days.

So do not panic. It will work out fine.

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Thanks Rahul, yes my first extension was filed under normal processing.I can work with Company A until visa issue is resolved as I did not put down my papers yet, was waiting for new company’s petition approval.My only concern is since it is under normal processing there is no definite timeline, not sure if any company would want to wait so long.

Yeah. True if it is under normal processing, it may take 30-60 days and now that is it under normal processing, I am not aware if you change the processing time. I would say request the new employer to wait till your RFE is processed at least and keep them updated. I hope it will all work out. Praying that it will work out for you!

For my normal H1B extension application(Vermont service center), USCIS website shows my “We received your response to our request for more information. Your case is no longer on hold” but there is no update after that.A few of my friends got their responses within 3 weeks for the same service center.
Hoping to get an approved response soon.