RFE fror H1B petition, looking for advise

Hi ,

Apologies for the lengthy message, this is a bit urgent so will appreciate a speedy response.

I was informed by the company in July 2018 that my petition has been picked in lottery. Since then I kept on following up but they kept saying that there is no update on the petition. The last communication I had was in November 2018 after that I stopped following up but only yesterday I received a call from them saying that they there is an update on my petition and they have received an RFE.Now since the time I applied I already was in Australia on work visa and seeing no progress on H1-B I started looking for new jobs in Australia and now I have got an offer here in Australia itself.
So I told them that I will not be interested in H1B anymore, but they tried to convince me to go ahead with the application. If I refuse, then I will have to pay them 3 lakh rupees(which is equal to 6000 Australian ) as I signed an Indian affidavit on stamp paper . They are offering me 100000 and I have an offer of 150000$ in Australia itself which is more than 100000 American $.
And in Australia there is the option of PR as well, while the H1B will only be for 3/6 years. I am in a dilemma right now. Could you please let me know if I should ask them to stop the H1-B process as now I have got better offer in Australia itself? Although getting selected in H1-B lottery is difficult and one can move back to Australia any time. I will appreciate your suggestions/responses which might help in making a decision.

This looks more of a personal preference issue and not a RFE issue. But my opinion is stick with Australia, the headache has grown too much for H1.