RFE for H1B - experience letter, expert opinion and client letter

I got RFE(H1B) and my attorney was asking for experince letter, expert opinion and client letter

I was able to manage for experience letter and for each of expert opinion asking for $500 each.Is the amount Ok?

For client letter I was not able to get it and my employer is telling that we can change the client while responding to the RFE.

My attorney is saying that we can either withdraw the H1B or submit insufficient documents for RFE so that the chance is 50-50 getting H1B approval.If it is denied will it create problem for applying next time thru the same employer?

I don’t know if the amount is reasonable or not. My opinion would be to go w/ what employer is suggesting - file new LCA for new client location, submit new client letter along w/ a letter to USCIS addressing why the change is being made.

If H-1 is denied, you can re-apply next fiscal year through the same/different employer.