RFE fo Client A, Can I submit Client B(Same LCA as Client A)?


My project ended for Client A but got a new project in same county(Same LCA). SO can I submit client letter B to answer my RFE? What are my chances for getting approved? 

Please suggest me in my case. 



Yes, you can submit B’s documentation along w/ a letter explaining the situation. As it is in same zipcode, no new LCA should be required. Your attorney should be able to handle this for you.

Thanks for your Reply Saurabh!

Hey Saurabh My H1 got approved!!

Congrats. Did you submit B’s documents in response to the RFE? Did they submit a new LCA as well?

Yes, They submitted B’s document, it was within same county so applied with the same LCA

I am facing the same situation. But my client location may also change