RFE | Applied for H1B through regular processing, got RFE.


My sponsor has applied for H1 in regular processing and I’ve got the below mentioned RFE.

  1. Specialty Occupation
    2)Itinerary of Employment and Work Site Information
    3)Right to Control: Employer – Employee Relationship
  2. In-House Employment

My petitioner/sponsor is a small company (start-up incubator entity) in the business of providing IT services. It currently employ two employees and wish to employ me as a Programmer Analyst.

My sponsor has provided the following two additional documents to address the RFE.

  1. Detailed Job Description (along with expert openion)

  2. SOW

All other documents are same including Client Letter, LCA and Employment Contract.

Sponsor is saying that they have clearly described the ‘right to control’ in the existing employment contract. So therefore, no need to provide additional document to establish Employer-Employee relationship. :frowning:

What you think, would it suffice to get the approval or not?

Thanks & Regards,
Sonu Bhaskar