RFE after h1b approval saying petition approved in error

My employer recently received a RFE on my approved H1b petition saying the USCIS approved the petition in error. Additional info is asked for and the case has been reopened.It is asking for more evidence. The case status has jumped from approved back to Request for Evidence pre-decision. I am mighty worried. Has anyone experienced this? What can happen now?

Hi Parineeta,

There is nothing to worry about. This happens all the time. Your file was sent to approval and then a piece of paper was discovered which was not filed with the rest. Being the US government, the case needs reopening to place that paper in your file. It is a mere formality but RFE should be responded to strongly and accurately.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu, sshankar@chu.edu

Thanks for replying Mr. Shankar.
However I am skeptical that it is that simple as the RFE raised is about proving it to be a specialty job and elucidating on the job-description. Its not just asking for a missing document. Do you now think it is odd after the approval and saying that the application was approved in error. I am losing sleep.

did anything happen to your case? Were you or your employer charged for responding to the RFE?