Revoked H1B approved petition. Will this effect my future H1B petitions from different employers?

My H1B peitition was approved in Nov’16. And i went for stamping in Dec’17 and it was kept on hold as they would like to verify the authenticity of the client. Client expected me to join by 1st Oct and the process of approval got delyed, client moved ahead with other guys and eventually resulted in the negative result. With this USCIS revoked my approved petition. Now, I am worried whether doors got completely closed to US with H1B? If any other employer willing to initiate new H1B, will the earlier H1B petition denial impacts new one?

The new H1 petition may be scrutinized for client authenticity by both USCIS, if n,ot the US consulate will do when you go for stamping, as you have a history of rejection.

You may have to state that your visa rejected, while filling up the DS-160 for your next stamping.