Revocation Notice Was Sent

Hi All,

I need some help to understand the chances for H1B visa.

I was working with an organisation A. In year 2014 my name has been processed for H1B Lottery and fortunately I have got selected in that H1B Lottery, but somehow due to lack of opportunities in my organisation, further processing on my H1B Lottery has not done.

After sometime in year 2015, I had left that organisation A and joined a new organisation B. Due to lack of knowledge I had no idea that my H1B Lottery application will be active for 6 Years, so that I could process my visa anytime.

Now in my current organisation I have the onsite opportunity, but when I checked my application status on website, it is showing “Revocation Notice Was Sent” message.

Later on I have googled that, I am still eligible for cap exemption, means I can still apply for H1B on the same application without H1B Lottery.

But it requires an i-797 form, which I had forgot to take from my previous organisation A. And now they are not giving me that form’s copy because as I am their Ex-Employee.

Please can anyone help me on this?

If anyone has also faced the same situation or having some good knowledge on this please share your opinions.

Thanks in Advance.