returning to US ? suggestions welcome

I am 66 (US Citizen & Dual C.) and my wife is 56 (Imm. Visa). I have been in India since 1992 after staying in US for 20 yrs. Remarried since 1993. My Step-daughter is settled in the US with her husband. My daughters (two) are settled yet unmrried. My step-son is in India employed in Fin. company.

I have had ups and down emotionally professionlly and cultural viewpoints in India. Wife has been settled well in her profession but very ttached to her family. Hence emotional ups and downs.

We would like to get to US and settle. We would like to be employed and be live independantly whle being a close family. I have worked in India in IT/Networking Project companies as well as in educational institutions and wife have been in Pre-Primary Education for over 15 yrs.

What r the chances of settling down and what should we look for ?

You expect a forum where 30 ± 10 years old people come, post questions in broken english, try to find all possible corner cases in US work permit and immigration laws, to give you suggestions ?

If I were you, I would go to Montana, and start an Indian restaurant.

Aren’t there enough IT companies in US, founded by Indian americans, who are always looking out for a VP to run the India operations remotely ? By that, I mean someone ready to get up at 3 am EST, hold conference calls, and get all status before 8 am EST, and coordinate US customers during day time; take a yearly, all expenses paid, trip to India to boost the morale of the troops.

You have enough experience in India. You should fit into this role easily.