Returning on OPT after H1B stamping


I am currently on OPT STEM valid until Nov 2016. I will be travelling to India from Aug 12-31. My H1B got selected in the lottery.

If my H1B is approved, can I get H1B stamping done during my India Trip and return back to US on OPT STEM on Aug 31?

I am aware that I can return to US on H1-B status only 10 days prior to Oct 1st.


Any particular reason why you want to get H-1 visa stamped, when it is not required?

I might have to travel out of US(not India) on work after Oct 1.

Yes, you can get H-1 visa stamp and still return on current F-1 visa stamp.

There is a slight possibility that VO may cancel F-1 visa stamp when approving H-1 visa. You can request VO not to do so explaining your situation. Hopefully the VO won’t cancel the F-1 visa stamp.