Returned jan2015 due to 5yr limit of l1b and now filed h1b ,if h1b approved how long can i stay in us?

I completed my 5 year visa stay(l1b) and came back to India on Jan 2015.
My employer has filed my h1b this year and I am concerned that if I need to travel before Jan 2016 my one year reset period may not b e over.

The max allowed stay for. H1b is six years and If my previous 5 yrs is counted I will only be able to stay for 1 year max

Only an year is left, unless GC is in process

Don’t come before Jan so you get the 1 year reset. Although you might be able to reclaim some of the time you spent out of the country during your 5 year stay.

Thank you so much.
jan end is when total 5 yrs got completed,so to avoid getting black listed I came back: )
I will plan to stay back till feb to avoid any issues later. My company does not sponsor GC so this is the best option right now.