Return to US on F1 without H1B stamping


I am currently on STEM OPT and planning to visit India in December. My company has applied for a H1B on my behalf via “Consular Processing” and it’s approved.

I was told that I’ll remain on F1 status until I travel abroad and get the visa stamping done. If I don’t get a visa appointment, can I return to the US on F1(STEM OPT) and get the H1B visa stamping during a future visit to India before my F1 expires?

Thank you.

Yes, in case of consular processing you may opt to stamp the visa any time in future while your H1B is still valid. If you dont opt to get H1B visa you may enter the US on F1 status with a valid F1 visa and supporting documents for the OPT job to present to the CBP officer at port of entry.