retuining to US - H1b

Please guide me

My visa is stamped in 2014 nov in Hyderabad and travelled to California as my company resides in Irvine,CA.

After working for 4 months due to some serious health problem I came back to india for the medication and its now 8 months that I am in india.

Now I am planning to travel back to same location California.

Please help me about POE and documents to carry.


  • payslips for the time you were in US on H-1

  • recent employment offer letter from your H-1 employer

  • employer contact details

  • 797

thanks a lot saurabh.

I have to carry any medical related documents.

No medical documents required for H-1 visa stamping.

i have valid visa till 2017 Oct …my question about port of entry …as I stayed in india for long time like 7 months…

will it create any problem at port of entry …any supporting medical documents i need to carry …how to face the situation…

They won’t ask for any medical documents. Unless you have traveled to one of the countries where there is an outbreak (ebola in the past, zika virus these days), you don’t need any medical doc.