Retrying for H4 on rejection/Cancellation of L1 and H4

Hi Friends

Here is my case, requesting you give the right solution.

I’m in India with valid H4 and also working in MNC for past 8 years. When i got H4 I want to resign my job from company A but my manager told me not to resign I can work for the same project from US, I agreed for this and my company started processing L1 in July.

I attended interview but unfortunately my L1 is not thru and VISA officer has cancelled my H4 as well. Now, I don’t have any choice to go US.

My husband is trying for H4 again from his company B, but can you please tell me

  1. The chances of getting H4 again considering above case. What questions I can expect from VISA officer? (will they ask for releving letter from my company A)
  2. Is their any other VISA catergory I can try for( other than H4)?