Resume Employment dates different from filed Petition


The Resume which i sent during filing my petition and one that i filled in ds160 form is different in terms of employment dates.

Why i am concerned is if the resume which we sent during the petition filing is different(Only in terms of the Month and dates of employment) from the resume which i filled in DS 160 form. Will it be an issue?



If the VISA officer becomes aware that work experience has been exaggerated in the petition, that will certainly be a big problem.

Thanks for the reply. It was exaggerated by a month by mistake. Instead Oct 15 it is Nov 15. Rest all dates are fine. Will VO check these details also at the time of interview which is what I am concerned

One month should be ok. I have heard about people adding many years to their work experience. The VISA officer will not check exact date details, if asked how long did you work there, just express in terms of years like 1 year or 1.5 years, etc.