Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received


I had applied for H1B petition in April 2015 and my petition got picked up in the lottery in the month of May 2015. But, by September it went into RFE. Response to RFE was sent by my employer in November. After that since Nov 2015, the status on my case is "Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received.

Please let me know can I apply for new cap for 2016 ? or can I apply for Premimum now for old one.

Please share your thoughts with me



You have both options open. You can upgrade current petition to PP, and/or file a new petition in upcoming season.

Hi Sir,

Any specific date to approve my previous case, but new cap also starting next month…kindly share me your experience.

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HI Vasu,

am also applied last year and from june 2015 it was showing the status as “Request for evidence was mailed”

and my employer is saying he sent the docs by sept 2015 it self.

please update this link if you haev any changes after going PP.

kindly share.


There is no SLA but historically they have processed most of the petitions by Mar 31. Still, if you want to have back-up plan, then apply in next cap also.

Hi Friend,

Sadly say that my petition was denied, my employer told me that they will reopen the case without delay, just let me know what is probability of approve the case after reopen?


yesterday only my status chnaged from rfe to responce review

hope they are working now on pending cases