Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received since Oct 15 2015

My RFE was related to EE relationship. The SoW which we submitted is ending next week. Will this affect the approval if the case is not approved till next week? Employer is not ready to change to Premium processing or raise service request.

There is a possibility that it may impact. Is the client willing to provide an extended SOW?

Yes Saurabh. We received an extended SoW in dec end. But not sure how it could be used now

Can your employer again respond to USCIS stating that client has issued an extended SOW and that it should also be considered when reviewing the petition?

Is there an option to do that? like without another RFE raised from USCIS? anyway I will check with the employer. Thanks Saurabh. I will let you know what happens so that it will be useful for others in my situation :slight_smile:

It is worth trying. Good luck!

Just wanted to update that my petition got approved.My employer converted to premium just 2 days before the SoW end date and it got approved. also, we cannot provide any new documents while upgrading to PP.

Congrats and good that they didn’t ask for extended SOW.