Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received January 27, 2017

Hi There,

Can some one please tell me, how many days it will take to change “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received January 27, 2017” status as it has been almost 3 months there is no change in the status. One of my friend status got changed in 2 months, don’t know the reason why it is taking so much of time for me. Is this the regular practice or do we have to wait more than 90 days. Don’t know the situation.


Maybe time for your employer/attorney to contact USCIS and follow-up. There is no set processing time for this.

Hi, how long did it take to get the response. For me it is 2 months. I didn’t get any response so far.

hi , did you get any response?

My husband case is the same this. Did you get any respond?