Rescheduling visa appointment

I am trying to advance my vi date but all have been blocked. they have all been booked. so i kept trying, and this message popped up: you are approaching the maximum number of times you may view this page. Please complete your transaction this time. My confirmation page shows my original dates. i then logged out. I tried 5 times merely, not too many.

Does the message mean i cannot login so many times in a day or in total i cannot login so many times? will i not be able to advance the dates now?

Well, it could be a system that they put in place to avoid people refreshing the page too many times…don’t worry try another day or after sometime. There may checks in place to avoid bad actors or too much load on the system…dont worry, try in a new browser or in ‘incognto mode’ after few hours or next day, it should be fine…

yeah. it was fine today; I did not see that message today.

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