Reschedule only family member's appointment

Hello community.

I am new here and wanted to check if anybody has any experience or knowledge about my situation. I have a visa dropbox appointment in March and I added my wife (H4) as a family member in the application. For some reason, she will not be able to travel to India in March. Is it possible to change / reschedule only her appointment for a later date while I can still drop mine in March. She might be able to travel sometime later in the year around July. What happens if I only show up there with my application - can her visa fee be reused after that?

thank you!

AFAIK, you will need to cancel your current appointment, create a new DS-160 just for you and schedule your appointment.
You can create a separate profile for your H4 dependent and create a new DS-160 for your spouse and schedule another appointment for her. You should be able to use the same fee reciept to book your and your spouse appointments separately.

In that case she will be considered no show and fees will be forfeited.