Reschedule H1B stamping appointment

Hi, I currently live in US and work as Software engineer in a tech company. I got my H1B approved last year and did a COS in Oct 2020. I’ve scheduled an appointment for visa stamping in Nov 2021 in Chennai consulate. I booked this appointment in Jan 2021 (there was no travel ban at that time).

So, now due to the travel ban

  1. I can’t go to India. (can’t take a risk going to India and applying for NIE since approval chances are very slim)
  2. I can’t apply for NIE from US (since we’re not allowed to)

I tried the following

  1. I tried to reschedule my appointment online to a later date in Feb or Mar 2022. But all future dates in the calendar after Nov are showing as blocked for all consulates in India. (I check often and every time same)
  2. I emailed the consulate at regarding my problem and asking how to reschedule the appointment. Got an automatic reply saying that we’ll not respond to this email again :pensive:

Pls tell me Redbusers,

  1. What are my options?
  2. What happens if I don’t attend the interview? Will it be automatically canceled and I will be given an option to reschedule to a later date?
  3. How to reschedule the appointment?


Rescheduling is the only option I see as you have already booked the appointment.Keep checking for availability frequently. People have been able to book appointment. You never know when you will get lucky.

It will be a no show and fees will be forfeited.

You will need to schedule the appointment within one year from the date of visa fee payment. You can reschedule up to two times.