Require information regarding H1B process via consultancy


I have noticed that one of my frend went to US via Consultancy H1B and he worked for 6 months and he left the company and joined in another company, now

Consultancy says he need to pay the Salary back for which he paid for Dec and Jan as for Dec he worked for 30 HRS and project ended, however consultancy paid only $1500, and my frend requested consultancy to pay the full salary as aggreed at begining and they paid the amount

Now consultancy asking him to pay that amount. is that correct

  1. Consultancy did not reimburse Airfare expenses also. is that corret process

1.It is not correct. There is no bench time concept. If your friend was a full time employee, he needs to be paid as per his offer letter. Employer can not ask for that money.

2.If he was laid off then the company needs to give the airfare as well.

Irrespective of how many hours he worked, he should be paid at least the LCA amount.