Require Information: H4 to H1 transfer

To give you a background. I am working on H1B and my wife is currently on Loss Of Pay with a company (Tech Mahindra) and on H4 visa staying with me in US.Her company has filed H1B petition meanwhile and it was selected in this year lottery. Now she has atleast 4 months (jun-sep 2015) post which she can start working on her H1B visa. Question: 1. Does she require to go back to India for her H4 to H1 transfer or stamping?2. If no, what all documents she require from her company to start working here. for the 2nd question, she was working for a client before she took a loss of pay to stay with me in US. The LOP is for 1 year (till jan 2016) but if permitted she can start working by 1st October only.Your guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks,

I don’t know what Loss of Pay is, but your questions don’t seem to relate to it.

  1. No

  2. Not much, you should get the LCA & approval notice which has the new I-94. In addition Non-USCIS stuff like offer letters etc.

In rare cases employer will apply for consular processing, in that case she will have to get the I-94 via travel + stamping.

Loss of Pay = You are still an employee of the company but will not get the salary. Unpaid Vacation.