Require any Medical Certificate to carry for H1B Interview?


My Friend got his appointment fixed in the end of October. But he met with accident before that. He got a operation and plate/screws are fixed in his legs. Now he is able to walk with a walker. He got his appointment cancelled before and its rescheduled to Nov 15th. He should carry any medical certificate to support it?

Will the Metal detector find it and it ll cause any problem in the security check?

Please guide on this as early as possible.



Dear Saran,

Nobody has to give any reason for cancelling and rescheduling his appointment.

It is your prerogative.

Interview will be conducted on merit of the case Visa Officer may not be aware of the cancellation of Appointment

So go confidently. Your Friend owes NO explanation to anybody

Deepak Deshpande , Nagpur

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