Requesting Help With H1b Visa Application—Tips For Success

I have obtained sponsorship for the H1b visa; however, I am not sure how to increase my chances for a successful application, and I have no help from others. How detailed and long should answers be? (I have a BA and work at a loan company, where I use my language and business skills.)

In general, what points should I pay attention to in regards to an approval from the visa office? What do they want to see? What is disqualifying, etc.?

My boss is flexible with me submitting any position at a loan company. I’m not sure what sort of title I should put on the application—what kind of positions and characteristics (in terms of prestige, responsibility, etc.) would be good to put on or characterize?

The application requests that I put down subordinates and their education. (What is the visa office looking for with this question?) My pay is about the same as the subordinates. What kind of problem does this pose? Additionally, my pay is low for the position I have. (How much flexibility does the visa office allow for these issues?)

We visa hopefuls have to stick together!!