Request for evidence- h1b visa status

my h1b status is moved to request for evidance, may i know what will happen under this stage. How many days it will take to approve after submitng the requested documents.

After submitting your documents it will take 1 to 2 months to get approved. This different from case to case. mostly you can expect in one month.



Thanks vivek

depends on what they are looking for in the RFE. RFE has no defined timelimit. It would be mentioned in the official letter from USCIS, by what date you need to turn in the information that they are seeking from Ur employer.
After that it depends, if you convert it into PP, may be15 days, or else its indefinite.

Moreover, there is no gurantee, your petition will be accepted after an RFE, it all depends on hw much they are satisfied with the answer.

If would be nice if you can post what the letter asks from your employer!