Request an account change -

Received following message when created second profile on CGI:
Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database. The user id of that profile is “…”. If you created this profile in the past, you have the option to transfer your account to this previous one in order to avoid any inconveniences that may arise from having multiple accounts.
Do you want to transfer your Account?
Confirm Cancel
Background of my issue/case:

  1. When I created one profile first for B1/B2 visitor visa, I was not eligible for renewal( due to removal of clause visa expired in last 12 months). Hence taken an appointment for an interview which is in Jan 2024.
  2. Since, now the clause visa expired in last 48 months added in eligibility criteria I am eligible for renewal.
  3. For renewal of Visa, I submitted another DS-160 form and created new profile with another email id. I am getting above mentioned prompt on ’ Request an Account Change’ and asking to either Confirm or Cancel.
  4. My intention to create new profile was to go through answering interview waiver questions to evaluate renewal eligibility freshly as per revised criteria.
  5. I have following questions, if my reply is Confirm( to transfer to previous profile) :slight_smile:
    a) will it be asking interview waiver questions or will go by what is available in previous profile?
    b) will it be linking previous fee receipt with new DS-160 & profile and allow me to schedule
    appointment for drop box?

I would just contact VFS and get their advice on how to approach your situation.