Renewing F1 visa in India after transferring schools


I came to US in 2011 with a 2 year F1 visa to study MS in a US university but after few months transferred to another US school for PhD. So, I got my SEVIS record transferred to the new school and I got new I-20. My F1 visa, which has the name of the previous school in the stamp, expired in 2013. My question is that if I go to India now to renew my F1 visa, can there be any trouble in getting it? My current university issued me I-20 which is valid till the end of 2016. Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated.

There should not be any problem. Since you have changed school and program (MS to PhD), you will not qualify for Dropbox submission or Interview Waiver so you will have to attend the interview but based on information you have provided here, your case is very legit and there will not be any problem.