Renewal of H1B VISA which expired in 2012


My H1B expired in Aug,2012. I had worked in the US for two years using the same. Is it possible to renew the H1B visa now? If so, whats the procedure?

My husband’s company has filed H1B for him and he is planning to apply for H4 for myself and my daughter. Once that is done, will renewal of my expired H1B become impossible? Pl. clarify.



You can renew/transfer your h1 visa as you are cap exempt anytime.

Your case is something like this…



As SnowWinter is possible to claim the remainder months/yrs. In your case 6 yrs - 2 yrs. You just need to find an employer who can file ur H1B under cap exempt.

I hear that once I quit my previous employer my H1B would become void per the company I was employed with. Is that possible?