Renew H4 when GC-petition is pending ?

Hello,following situation: my wife lives since 2015 with a H1B in the USA. The employer wants to sponsor her a green card. The green card petitions (I140 / I485 / I765 / I131) were submitted at the end of March 2018. I myself am included as a dependent in the petition.Because her H1B expired at the end of April, an application for renewal was also filed in March. This means that currently 2 applications are processed at the USCIS: the green card and the H1B extension. So my wife is in the 240-day grace period.I had a H4 visa, but I live in Germany. This H4 also expired at the end of April. Because the greencard process will probably take many months, I would like to apply again for an H4 visa as soon as my wife’s H1B has been extended. I know that I could also enter with an ESTA. However, I do not want to lie when asked at the airport why I am entering. It is just not believable, if someone is supposed to travel for vacation always in the same boring area in Pennsylvania :-DMy questions:Is the process for renewing my H4 identical to the first application (including interview)?Is it even possible to renew my H4 when running a green card application that I am involved in?