Remove Conditions on 2-year Green Card


I have a question regarding changing from 2-year Green Card to 10-year Green Card. My husband and I got approval for 2-year GC through his company’s sponsorship (employment-based GC). Upon expiration of our GC, I expect we’d need to remove conditions on 2-year GC to obtain 10-year GC. My question is which category of this Removing Conditions petition we supposed to apply for? There are two categories: family-based and investor/entrepreneur-based listed on USCIS site. There is no employment-based petition available.

Thank you in advance for your advices.

Conditional green cards are usually given upon marriage to US citizen or in the investor entrepreneur category. The company appears to have made an error in submission. They need to have the record corrected to ‘employment based’ because neither the 700 or 800 series condition removal form will apply to you

Thank you for your answer, sshankar. You are right, we just received our GCs and they are valid for 10 years. Thanks again for confirming.