Relevant experience make the case stronger for non IT guys in IT

Hi Saurab,

I have 7.5 years of work experience in IT sector. My biggest fear has been my education. I am a chemical engineer and took 6 years to complete it due to financial issue. I started working for an IT company an year before my graduation as the company hiring me was more interested in the technology that I got certified.

My question to you is , today I have multiple certifications(Oracle, PMP, ITIL and Six Sigma) and as mentioned above have 7.5 years of relevant experience on the same technology for which my petionor has filed my case. I have also travelled to US before mutIiple(3) times on B1 visa for business visitis in 2010 and 2011. Is my case strong enough to get an H1b visa? Will me being a chemical engineer a hindrance despite of this may years of work experience?

Currently my case is in accepted status(filed under PP)

Thanks for a quick reply!


You have enough experience to make-up for the non-CS degree. Your attorney may have already submitted information on your resume, work experience and certifications. Still if USCIS raises RFE for the qualifications, your attorney will have to present a detailed letter explaining how you satisfy each of the job requirements.

Don’t worry too much. There are several non-CS folks doing IT job on H-1.

Thank you very much for your quick response Saurab! Very much appreciated.