Rejoin old employer and reuse the approved PERM/I-140?

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I will sincerely appreciate if my question is answered.

I have been between jobs, and I am wondering if I could join a previous employer and reuse the approved PERM/I-140 they had filed on my behalf previously, so I don’t have to go through the process of filing PERM/I-140 from the beginning again. In this case though, the previous employer had revoked my I-140 back in 2014, 12 months after I had quit them in 2013.

I realize that I can re-use my old priority date, provided I join this previous employer on a “similar” job, but I am looking to find any other “benefits” that I could leverage from a previous approved PERM/I-140, so the previous employer and I don’t have to file PERM/I-140 from the beginning again.

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You have to go through PERM and I-140 filing process again. You cannot use those docs for another employer.

I am sorry, if my question was not clear.

Company A= My Previous Employer

I am looking to reuse the approved PERM/I-140, that was filed by Company A back in 2012, if I am hired by Company A on a similar job.

I had quit Company A in 2013, and my I-140 was revoked by Company A in 2014.

Can I re-use my PERM/140 in any way?

As I-140 was withdrawn, A cannot use it.

PERM required I-140 to be filed within 6 months of approval date. So it cannot be used for I-140 filing.

You have to restart the process again.