Rejection of H1B stamping in delhi embassy

Hi Saurabh,

I am currently working with an indian firm and received a prospective offer from a US Company. They had applied for my H1B petition this april which was selected and approved in the lottery. I am scheduled to finalise a interview date at Delhi Embassy for H1B Visa Stamping in July. I already have B1/B2 visa and tarvel frequently to US (twice a year for a month) since 3 years due to my indian firm assignments. Can you please guide me if there is a possibility of Delhi Embassy rejecting my H1B Stamping process despite of me having a appored petition, offer letter from the prospective US Company? As of now i haven’t left my current indian firm so will it have an impact on the visa processing or interview? Will really appreciate your inputs on the same. My educational qualifications are B.SC (Delhi Universty) & MBA (India). Total Work ex of 3 years with an indian firm and extensive tarvel to US, Canda & Europe for not more than 3 - 4 weeks in a trip (twice in a year)

Your question is for Saurabh but I would like to add a response. The fact that you have travelled many times to US on a visitor visa and returned to India is already showing a lack of interest to permanently immigrate. I think your chances of a rejection are extremely low. Be confident and elaborative about existing family ties in India and be honest at all times across all questions.

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When appearing for H-1 interview, most of rejections or 221g are related to employer’s credentials, offered contracting position, client/contract etc.

Are you going to work at a client site? Will you be working in EC or EVC model? Do you have enough to show employer-employee relationship?

Hi Saurabh,

Yes i would be working at a client site in US, and the company is a billion dollar US based company. I am not sure what does EC or EVC mean ? Could you please elaborate on the same.

And as of now i have received the approved petition and a scanned copy of the Offer Letter sent to me by the respective US employer

If it’s a big employer, then it should be fine. EC = employer-client model, while EVC = employer-vendor-client model.

Do you have all the project/client/employer related documents for your case?

If its a billion dollar company, then lot of information about company’s revenue, workforce etc should be available online and in their db. So you should be covered on that front.

In case of consulting companies, they want to know what client/project you will be working for, especially when its a small to medium size consulting company. Your’s seems to be a big company and such documents may not be required. What are your job duties outlined in the job profile - consulting?

Did you check w/ your attorney on what additional documents to carry?

Then you look all set. Good luck!

Thanks Saurabh


Wud you have any idea what kind of questions can they ask in the interview… And what would be the best approach for the interview.

Thanks Shankar

Hi Saurabh,

I had one more doubt about the H1B interview process, i was doing some research on teh documentation verification done by VO.

I came across that they check for project details or letter of intent to hire by the US company. In this case would an Offer Letter provided by the US company suffice as a supporting document.

If yes, in case the amount or salary mentioned in the offer letter is higher than the salary mentioned in the petition does it have any impact or do i need to ask my future employer to revise the petition.

Can you please let me know. I am scheduled to appear for interview in few days and it would be really helpful

Manan Arora

They ask for client/project details when they are not sure about the financial stability of the company. In your case, its a billion dollar company and so chances of running into such issues is less.

Carry information related to what you will be doing for the employer in US. If you know what project you will be working on, carry information for that.

It is ok for the offered salary to be higher than petition salary.

Have you done with your stamping ?

Did you got your visa stamped as even mine is EVC model applied this year. My petition got approved need to go for Visa Interview.

Your experience, advice and guidance is highly appreciated