Reinstatement of F1- Visa and got selected in H-1B Lottery

Hello guys,
I filed for reinstatement of my F1 Visa, and my employer filed for an H1-b visa too, and my application was selected in the lottery system, but currently, I’m not working because my reinstatement status is still pending. My last employer filed my H1 Visa based on my 1st master, so what is the chance of getting approval and any suggestions, please

Your H1B approval would not have any impact based on the F1 re-instatement. it is only applicable to COS or Status. Best case, your status is re-instated and you will get new I-94 with COS…worst case, they will approve without COS and only H1B, then you need to go for stamping.
It is hard to say without knowing the complete case…Only your attorney can tell.

Hi Kumar!
Thanks for letting me know how to create topics. I had a couple of questions.

I want to start school while working on my H1B full time. Can I during the semester switch to full time F1 Status in case I lose my job or do I have to leave the country to get an F1 Stamp ?