Reimbursement Request (Bond) for H1B for 20 months

I travelled to US few months back via my employer for one of their projects on H1b. I worked on that project for a month and then he asked me move to different client (amendment still in progress) but before travelling for client my employer asked me to sign a (kind of) reimbursement form which says if I leave him within 20 months I need to pay him 17k USD (under different heads like recruitment fees, Legal fees, Administrative fees).
I am planning to change job as the current job is not exactly suitable to my profile.

By any means, Bonds like this legal here in United States? Should I contact any attorney?

Pls advise.

Thanks in advance.! :pray:

It is a not a very uncommon practice and many small and large companies have such clauses. It has nothing to do with legality, they are just putting it as a clause to be safe that you do not move around before they get their money back. But 20 months is long…I have seen large companies do it for 12 months. It is your personal decision to negotiate and reduce that clause…
If you are clear you do not like the company, then you should not sign the clause because, they can send you notice to repay, if you sign it.
You can contact an attorney and get clarification as well.