Regular quota , regular processing- H1B 2014


   I have applied this year for my fresh H1B under regular quota, normal  processing.

I had 2 offers from different companies and after confirmation through redbus ,I applied from both companies for my H1.

Most of the people have started receiving their receipt numbers who had filed through my employers and I am still waiting for the same.

My concern is : Since I happened to file through 2 different companies will that be an issue ?? I have no clue as of now why I havent got any update on my H1 status.

Please provide your inputs on this.


Filing H1 with 2 different companies is not considered a duplicate. Don’t worry! They have just started processing regular. You will have to wait till mid-May to know if the application is rejected in lottery.

Please read my post and vote for this petition and spread the word to others: