Regd. multiple work visa stampings

I have the valid visas B1/B2 (valid through 2028), H4 (valid through April 2023). I had travelled to US in Dec 2021 and returned back within a month. After that, my prospective employer filed Cap exempt H1B and got stamping in May 2022. Till now, I did not travel to US on H1B. Now, my current employer wants me to go for L1A stamping. My questions are

  1. Can I go for L1A stamping (in Person) while I have H1B visa form another employer?

  2. Will there be any issues or questions from consular officer?

  3. If L1A visa is approved or denied, what happens to my H1B visa? Will it still be valid and can travel to US on H1B as work visa?

Appreciate your responses.

Thank You


It may be related to L1A ( interview questions ) but not thebone you have already.

It should stay valid till its expiry.