Regd filed H1B status- Initial Review


My Employer X(Consultant) filed my H1B on 27th May and recieved my Reciept no from Employer. Earlier i did not get any employer to file my H1b before 2012 H1B filings. So i chose this option with Employer X by paying H1B Filing fee 4,000$ from my pocket.

My ? are

1.After going to US, shall i change my Employer X to Y after 3 months if Employer X is not willing to trasfer my H1.

  1. do I have to work for specific location where in the LCA mentioned.

  2. If i want to move A location to B location for new employer Y , do i have to file another new LCA.

Thanks in advance…


  1. Once your petition is approved and your H1B VISA stamped, you may go to uS and later change your employer - the new employer can file a cap-exempt petition on your behalf. You don’t need your previous H1B employer’s consent for that.

    1. Yes. You should be working in the location specified in the LCA.

    2. If you are chaning your employer, they have to file a new H1B petition (cap-exempt) with an LCA that corresponds to your new work location. Even if that location is the current one, they have to file a new LCA for you.