Regarding Visting Visa extension with Deliver as reason

My mother’s i-94 is expiring on Sep-30. Last visit (2010) we extended her stay for 4 more months and it was approved. Reason was due to my wife’s ER. We had a strong reason.

This time I’m bit worried. We are blessed with a baby and wanted to extend her stay so that she can spend more time with him. Do you think it will be a problem for her later if I extend her stay?. What is the chances for approval?. can I give the same reason?. We got a letter from doctor giving reason as C section + needs help/support

It is worth a try, although I have no personal experience or know anyone who has successfully done that in the past.

My mother’s I94 is expiring on Sep 30. The status for the extension is still showing as ‘pending’. Right now sitation is very bad for me to accompany her.
Can she wait till the decission is made or she has to leave immediately?.
Will her Visa gets void if she stays beyond i94 date?.

Saurabh any inputs?.