Regarding visitor (B2) visa to USA

This is about my mother’s visit to USA.

I filled and submitted her DS 160 last week and the PA date is in the first week of August. I am in the US on dependant visa. So I mentioned my husband’s name as the sponsor and have mentioned his employer’s name on DS 160. Now it appears, he has to change his employer before my mother appears for visa interview. If my husband changes his employer, what are my options?

  1. Should I fill a new DS 160 and again pay visa fees?

  2. Should I just fill a new DS 160 and no need to pay the fees?

  3. Or can my mom just carry a receipt of my husband’s H1B transfer and mention to the VO that he was with employer A at the time of filling DS 160 and now recently he has switched to employer B?

Pls help with ur inputs. It will be very helpful. Thanks in advance