Regarding visa for MBA and universities

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I am done with my masters in Australia and i like to persue my MBA in international Business in US .what are chances of getting a visa . And can you suggest me what is best GMAT score to get for getting a good universities .

Getting visa is a very tricky thing, there is no mantra to get it. All we can do it get good scores, admission in good school and explain our intention for higher education and hope for the best.

Also, good Univerity is a very relative perspective. Some consider top 10 as good Universities and some consider other schools good program as good schools.

You need to look at average scores of the schools that you consider as good. For instance, Harvard has an avergae GMAT score of about 730 for admission into MBA program. So, if you intend to get in to Harvard, your score should be in that range. Just look up schools and their average scores.

For visa to study MBA in the US, you need a good answer for how you will use that degree BACK HOME.

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