Hello Team,

I have a question regarding My F2 visa. My wife studied ESL from Arkansas State University , now she will going to do her master from the Month of August. She went USA in the Month of March, 2016. After that i got my Dependent F2 I-20. I apply 1st time the visa in the Month of April and it was denied from Mumbai Consulate. I faced an Interview for 35 minute. VO asked me each and every question, what ever i mention in my DS 160. then i applied again after 1 month again its same result and it was denied from Mumbai Consulate, this happen 4 times. Last i applied from Hyderabad Consulate, He denied my Visa, but he suggest me to do changes in mt DS 160. Now i am confuse that what they want me to change.

Can any Body Guide me In proper way for my rejection.