Regarding STEM-OPT

Right now I am in STEM-OPT visa for July 2022 - July 2024. In October my university was closed and no furthur I20 will generate. But my STEM-OPT is already approved and it is active so do I need to trasnfer SEVIS while running STEM or i just need to live it like on this same SEVIS curent school and continuing STEM. One more thing every 6 months i need to do reporting. So in this case what should i need to do ?

When on OPT, your SEVIS record is hold and updated by the same school that your OPT was approved from. SEVIS transfer occurs only when you change the school.

For post completion OPT, every 6 months you will need to confirm your contact and employer information even if no change in employment. Every 12 months you need to fill out I-983 evaluation form and a final evaluationat the end of your OPT or employment.
Your DSO/DHS will send reminder emails for the reporting due date.
All of the above information should already be provided as a print copy or email by your school.
In case of doubt you can always check with your school ISSS.