Regarding shift to software side after MS

I am doing my final year in Architecture (5th year). I am trying for Construction Management (MS). After the completion of course i am thinking to shift to job in software side by learning courses of software in my 2 years… This is because i am more intrested in Software side than Architecture … Please give me suggestion according to present situation in US…?

Well, if you intend to do work in Software industry, you can start to build your education credentials on the same. You can apply for MS in Comp Sciences. You will be asked to do some pre-requisites, but that should be fine. Make sure your SOP reflect your reason for change in your career, when you apply to schools.

Thanks for your reply :)… Well i thought of your opinion before… But i have no computers background it might be hard for me to lead those two years … that’s reason i am taking Construction Management for 2 years & learn courses in that span & then shift to software side job… what say?